Spare a thought for your local Used Car Dealer.

When you walk onto a car yard, and you are approached by a sales man (usually fairly quickly), it is often the case that you throw out the line "I'm just looking mate". For a salesman, that is like a dagger to the heart.That sales man that you brushed off so quickly simply wanted to introduce himself and let you know he's there for assistance should you need it.He took the time this morning to iron his shirt, clean his teeth, and put on his best walking/work shoes just in the hopes that you will come in and see him.Weather you buy a car from him or not he is there to assist you while you browse around the car yard.

Not all salesmen have the ability to discount a vehicle by thousands of dollars. Admittedly, there are some dealerships out there that have increased margins on their vehicles which allows for the common 10% discount that customers have come to expect. A simple online search can confirm who has inflated prices and who has not.

When you want to trade in your car, take a moment to consider the following when your salesman has made you an offer:

  • Once traded, the salesman needs to then clean your old car and get it serviced, warranted and registered, before he can even consider selling in on to someone else. He also needs to ensure any cosmetic defects are all sorted out

  • The vehicle will now need to be advertised for sale – advertising is a very costly exercise

  • When the vehicle is sold, a commission will be payable to the selling salesman

So although you may think your car is worth thousands more than you were offered, there is probably thousands to be spent on it to get it ready for re-sale. If you want to get the best price for your car, perhaps consider selling it privately first.

Although your salesman may appear to be flush with cash, this is very rarely the case.A great salesman will look fantastic, he will be well groomed and may even carry a gold/silver card case and/or pen.Looking good, makes you feel good, which in turn means you will offer better service to your customer. A customer will always respond well to someone well-presented that someone who looks shabby. But spare a thought, most used car salesmen work extra-long hours, work most weekends, and often for commission only.No sale, no pay.It's a tough job, and only a select few can actually hack it.

Sometimes after you get your new car home, there may be something that comes up that is not working right. Please remember in this instance, your salesman didn't know about that little problem, and he certainly didn't let you drive away with this problem on purpose.Just give him a quick call and he will be more than happy to sort it out for you. He will be just as annoyed as you are that all isn't perfect for you. And to be honest, he may be even slightly embarrassed about it. But he will always be happy to put it right.


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