Should I buy a Mechanical Warranty with my new car?

In short, the answer is ABSOLUTLEY! And that is not just car dealer talk. For a lot of us, purchasing a new car, even a used car, is the biggest purchase we will ever make. Why on earth would we not take out extra protection for this very expensive asset?

There is a lot of misconception that the car dealer will have to look after any issues that may arise when you purchase a new car. And to a certain extent that is true. However, how long is a piece of string? When does the customer need to take ownership (figuratively speaking) of their vehicle?

Of course there is the Consumer Guarantees Act that offers protection to consumers. When it comes to used cars, it reads as follows:

"The vehicle must be of acceptable quality considering age and mileage and free from defects at the time of sale"

You will agree at the time of sale that this is the case, or you would not be buying the vehicle. Many car dealers go the extra mile to ensure this is the case by offering independent inspections by either VTNZ or the NZAA. And there are a few dealerships that also have the added protection of the MTA But, with all these assurances, you must remember you are purchasing a used car that is made up of mechanical and electrical components. Any of these components can fail at any time, and can often be very costly to repair. No one has the ability to see into the future to make any guarantees, just take a look at the reports given by the AA and VTNZ, even they have km and time limits on them.

As a consumer, you are entitled to have a warranty product that offers your peace of mind motoring. You will need to ensure that the product you are purchasing does give you this. Ask about the limit offered on the cover, find out about the excess payable and where the authorise repairers are. Does the policy have roadside assistance? And will it cover you if you are out of town on holiday or business?

Our recommendation would be the Autosure Extreme Cover. It does cover mechanical and electrical failures, it has nationwide cover, no claim limits (conditions apply) and excess as low as $100. It also comes with AA Roadside Assistance. It is well worth the cost should you experience a mechanical or electrical problem.

So next time you buy a new car, consider the options presented to you. And if no cover is offered, then you may want to ask 'why not'.


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