Buying A Car Off The Side Of The Road?

Top 5 Reasons why this is a bad idea.

#1 – Often what appears to be a private sale, is actually a dealer posing as a private citizen. There is always a reason that the dealer is not willing to sell that particular vehicle honestly and through his business. Either there is a problem with it and he will never be able to be contacted again, or he is trying to avoid the costs involved of following the guidelines imposed on registered motor vehicle trader. Either way, this is flat out dodgy.

#2 – Are you insured to take the vehicle for a test drive? If you are testing out a vehicle and there is an accident, are you covered? Unless the seller has named you on their policy, there is a slim chance. Open driver policies are available, but do people carry proof of this with them?

#3 – There is no comeback if you purchase a vehicle off the side of the road. So once you drive away, you are on your own. If the vehicle decides to blow up 100 k's down the road, too bad.

#4 – Can you guarantee the seller is the legal owner? Sometimes this is not as easy as it seems. There is no real way to confirm legal ownership apart from providing proof of purchase. A registered owner, is not necessarily the legal owner.

#5 – Can you be sure there is no money owing on the vehicle? This is easy to check, but not many people are aware of how or even if they need to.

In this day and age there are literally thousands of vehicles for sale either on the side of the road, or on Trade Me that are being sold by 'private sellers'. The used car buyer is most certainly spoiled for choice. But the saying is true, Buyer Beware!


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