Daffodil Day

Every year, the cancer society promotes the national Daffodil Day to raise awareness and funds for Cancer research. This is the biggest fund raiser of the year for the society.
The daffodil is symbolic of this time of year and of this fundraiser. It symbolises the first day of spring, and new beginnings.
In New Zealand, 1 in 3 people are effected by cancer is some way. This statistic is terribly awful, and for those who are already effected, the need for funding to research for treatment and cures is ever more required.
The awareness raised by this specific day each year is massive, however the funds raised can only do such a small amount. Ongoing support of the cancer society is a must, and there are many ways that people can do this that does not always involve giving money. Volunteers are always needed and greatly appreciated too. Volunteers can be called upon for many different reasons, from collecting donations, to offering support to a family in need, or even just to call upon someone for a chat and a cuppa with no living relatives.

More information about how you can help the cancer society can be found here

At Dave Allen Motors we support Cancer NZ by regularly donating to Daffodil Day annually. We recently donated to assist in the cost of building the Hamilton Cancer Society Lodge, and we have sponsored a team that participates in the Taupo Great Lake relay annually to raise funds for Breast Cancer. We believe that more businesses should be involved in contributing even just a little if they can, as every little bit counts.


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