Bad Credit and Finance

At Dave Allen Motors we treat every application for finance with the same importance as the next.So if you have some credit issues, you can be assured that when you apply for finance at Dave Allen Motors we will do our very best to assist you into your new car.There is no harm in applying It costs nothing, and you never know, it could be your lucky day.

Just because you have had credit issues in the past, does not mean you will not be eligible for a new loan now. Your current situation will count for a lot when applying. Are you working now? Do you have a deposit? Is your bad credit paid off? There are many factors that go into a finance approval, and credit is just one of the many.

The best way to go through the process if you are applying for car finance with a credit issue is to be up front and honest about it with your finance manager. The more information you can provide, the quicker it will be to have an answer. Give the correct information about the credit defaults, who they are with, what they were for, are they paid off or being paid off etc.

You may also be required to provide supporting documentation such as:
Proof of income
Proof of address
Confirmation of paid defaults, or payment being made

Remember, it is FREE to apply, it will only cost you a few minutes of your time, and you may be surprised with the outcome.


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