It's the little things that count...

When purchasing a used car, it is important to take note of some of the little things that you may easily overlook in your quest to purchase the perfect vehicle for you. While it is incredibly important to ensure your new car was not imported as damaged, and it has been complied and inspected thoroughly by the experts, it is also important to ask the following:

  • Does the vehicle have a spare tyre and jack? Some of the newer European vehicles do not have these, they have what is called a run flat kit.It would be awful to be caught with a flat tyre and be searching for a spare that isn't even there.
  • Is there any sign of the vehicle having been owned by a smoker or a pet owner? Sometimes the newly groomed car can smell amazing. But you don't want that to change in a few weeks when the wet dog smell starts to surface.
  • Can I get my favourite radio station? Although most Japanese radio systems will work in NZ, they do not always reach all the frequencies. A simple fix or replacement of the stereo is easier to negotiate at the time of sale than after you have taken delivery of the car.
  • How many keys are with the car? Often there is only one key for an imported vehicle. It is good to know this so you can arrange a second one if you tend to need to use your spare often.
  • What type of fuel does the car run on? Find out how to get the most efficiency out of your vehicle by using the correct fuel type. Also check how to open the fuel flap, these are not all the same.
  • Is there a cigarette lighter and does it function? This is important to check as that component will no doubt be used as a charging port in the future.
  • Can the car dealer show you the Japanese auction sheet? If not, why not? Here at Dave Allen Motors all our vehicles come with auction sheets, so you know what you are buying.
Don't be afraid to ask any and all the questions you have. Your car dealer is there to help you make your decision. He won't mind at all, and if he does mind, perhaps try another dealership. It pays to be thorough.


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