Fuel Economy

A lot of our customers are very interested in knowing which vehicle is going to be the most fuel efficient. Luckily, the EECA developed a system to help answer this question.

As a registered motor vehicle trader, Dave Allen Motors is required to display the fuel economy label for each vehicle in the window.This label will give you a star rating out of 6, and will show you an indicative running cost.The higher the star rating, the better the fuel economy.The EECA website offers a great tool to help you make a comparison if you are trying to decide between vehicles too.

Although the information provided by the EECA is helpful, it is only a guide.There are other ways that as a vehicle owner you can ensure you get the best fuel economy out of your vehicle. A vehicle that is well maintained and regularly serviced will give better fuel economy than one that isn't, and someone who travels on the open road frequently may get better fuel economy than someone who travels around town more.

So next time you are looking for a new car, be sure to check the Fuel Economy Label as well as the MTA and NZAA Inspection reports.

Currently the EECA provides this information for Japanese imports, however the European vehicle information is limited.
Here is a handy link to calculate the fuel cost of a vehicle based on it's star rating.
(please note the price of petrol and diesel is subject to change)

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